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Motorcycle Registries provides the Motorcycle Registries free of charge as a service to the motorcycling community, world-wide. Go there to visit or register your GS!!

Sources used for these pages:

Faszination BMW GS book The book : "Faszination BMW GS", in the series : "Meilensteine der Motorradtechnik", published by : Verlag SCHNEIDER TEXTSYSTEM.
This book is indispensable for those who like the "enduro" BMW bikes (the one drawback is it's in German only).
A new (3rd) edition of that book is available! (ISBN : 3-911870-07-7).

CITY BIKE - The California's Motorcycling Newspaper
1124 Kearny,
San Francisco, CA 94133
phone: *-1-415/982 7242, fax: *-1-415/861 1117
A very good free monthly newspaper distributed in Californa and made by nice peoples.
If you want receive it during one year every issue via first class mail, post them an handy subscription (with your name, complete adress and phone) with a US$20.00 check (made payable to CityBike).

Hechlingen - The GS-Land

The BMW Enduro park at Hechlingen is the BMW off-road bikes driving school. It's located in the 22 hectares of an old quarry at 70 kn northern of Augsburg.
Go to my "Hechlingen BMW enduro-course" report
Click here to visit:
  • Sylvia's "Hechlingen BMW enduro-course" report.
  • A report from turkish bikers.

  • Info and contact:

    Enduro/Off-road training with Jimmy Lewis

    Jimmy Lewis's logo My good friend David H. Park, is organising of Enduro/Off-road training with Jimmy Lewis. These training sessions are done in Nevada and California.

    Selected dates as available for this year's training are:
    November 2001 December 2001 January 2002 February 2002
    17-18 1-2 26-27 2-3, 9-10, 16-17

    To make it easy for Jimmy, David is handling all correspondence and arrangements for these training sessions so if you'd like to attend or have any questions please feel free to drop him an e-mail at Remember to include your name, dates desired, motorcycle, relative off-road experience, type of training desired (if known) or any other questions.

    More info available on the web at:

    The BMW R80G/S 20th brithday meeting

    18-20 August 2000 - Zellereit (Bavaria, Germany), the German bike magazine MOTORRAD had organized a birthday meeting.

    Go to my "Zellereit BMW R80G/S 20th brithday meeting" report

    The GS Club France

    Info and contact:

    Other GS Club in the world

    Some interesting books :

    Some interesting web pages :

  • BMW official web server
    Personnal GS web pages:
  • Bernd Bauer's Web pages, he's one of my best friend and he had the really good idea to put on the net his bike trips pictures!
  • David H. Park's pages, another good friend who have nice web pages! Here, you'll find lot of info and pics related to BMW bikes and off-road... with special interrest for the F650GS and her wild sister the F650GS Rally!!!
    David is also organising of Enduro/Off-road training with Jimmy Lewis. These training sessions are done in Nevada and California.
  • Clemente's G/S and bike web pages with lot of info collected by an Italian G/S fan (in Italiano)!
  • Henri's R1100GS web pages lot of info and idea about how to improve your oilhead GS!
  • The G/S page of Marc Nussbaumer, a Swiss G/S fan
  • The Possi's travelling pages (in german) : beautiful pages from a great bike traveler and photographer (very nice pictures of his G/S PD with hard luggage and his GS HPN also with hard luggage and details of the rear sub frame). For the best pictures, it's the page to visit.
  • Varia
  • If you want a beautiful BMW screen saver (for the PC), get it from BMW Canada
  • The IBMWR (Internet BMW Riders)
  • The pages of the New Jersey Shore BMW Riders have a lot of information and also a great picture library
  • A beautifull BMW bikes picture library hosted by Dropbears Australia
  • If you have an interest in sidecars, look at: The Sidecar Web Pages
  • Equipment and Accesories.
  • Touratech
  • HPN
  • Wunderlich
  • Wuedo
  • Top of the Line products
  • Bing carburators official web server (Germany)
  • Bing carburators USA
  • Globetrotters Centrale (Bernd Tesch-Germany)
  • Alluminium Cases (info. on various brands)
  • Schuberth helmet the company who make helmets for BMW have nice products (now also in English and with with importers list)
  • Acerbis
  • BMW Parts
  • Motorworks (UK)
  • Motobins (UK)
  • Bracken (UK)
  • Bob's BMW (USA)
  • Tires (and how to care for them)
  • Barum - Mitas
  • Dunlop
  • Metzeler
  • Michelin
  • Pirelli
  • Raid and off-road race:
  • TSO (Dakar rally organisator)
  • UAE Desert Challenge - Dubai Rally
  • Rally of Egypt
  • Tunisia Rally - Optic 2000
  • Master rally
  • EnduRomania
  • 1999 Namib-Kalahari Safari

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