The 2000 "Total" Paris-Dakar-Cairo Rally

BMW Motorrad Team Gauloises


John Deacon

John Deacon John Deacon, one of the two newcomers to the BMW Motorcycle Team Gauloises, has already had experience of riding in the "Dakar".

A 37-year-old engineer, he came in 17th in 1997, eighth in 1998 and made it to sixth place in 1999.

Pilot of a R900GS-0RR

  Date of birth: November 30, 1962
In: Plymouth, Great Britain

Height and weight: 1.84 m / 95 kg
Family: married, one child
Education: higher school-leaving certificate in 6 subjects, studied engineering
Professional career: motorcycle dealer

Hobbies: golf, mountain biking, golf, diving, fishing
Favourite food: roast beef
Favourite drink: beer (real ale)
Favourite music: Simple Minds, Corrs

Competition rider since: 1980

Greatest successes:
1986-99: Ten times British Enduro Champion
9 gold medals in the International Six Days Enduro
1994: Overall British Enduro champion
1995: 17th in the Paris-Dakar Rally
7th in the Atlas Rally
1997: Runner-up in the Tunisia Rally
Winner of the Atlas Rally
1998: 8th place at Paris-Dakar Rally
1999: 6th place at the Granada-Dakar Rally
4th place at the Dubai Rally
(text from the official BMW Motorrad Team Gauloises's web pages 2000)

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