The 2000 "Total" Paris-Dakar-Cairo Rally

BMW Motorrad Team Gauloises


Jimmy Lewis

Jimmy Lewis "The "Boxer" and I suit each other very well!" says Jimmy Lewis cheerfully when asked how he feels about this year's rally.

A 31-year-old motorcycle journalist from California, he was fourth in the 1997 Dakar Rally and this year is adding strength to the BMW Motorcycle Team Gauloises.

Pilot of a R900GS-0RR

Jimmy Lewis's logo Date of birth: September 20, 1968
In: Santa Monica, California (USA)

Height and weight: 1.70 m, 79 kg
Family: single
Education: high-school graduate in communications science
Profession: editor, racing motorcyclist

Hobbies: mountain biking, snowboarding, surfing
Favourite food: Mexican
Favourite drinks: Coca Cola, water
Favourite music: almost anything

Competition rider since: 1978

Greatest successes:
4 time AMA National Hare & Hound
1989-1992: 4 Gold medailles at the International Six Days Enduro
1991: AMA Amateur Athlete of the Year
1992: ISDE Junior World Champion
1993: 2. Place at the Baja 1000
1997: Runner-up in the Baja 1000 Rally
4th place at Paris-Dakar Rally
1998: Winner of the Baja 1000
(text from the official BMW Motorrad Team Gauloises's web pages 2000)

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