The 2000 "Total" Paris-Dakar-Cairo Rally

BMW Motorrad Team Gauloises


Richard Sainct

Richard Sainct At the age of 29, Richard Sainct is the youngest member of the BMW Motorcycle team, and is also considered one of the best riders currently taking part in rallying.

He won the French enduro championship in 1989, was the winner of the Atlas Rally in 1997 and 1998 and came in second in the Tunisia Rally.

Pilot of a F650RR
  Date of birth: April 4, 1970
In: St. Afrique, France

Height and weight: 1.78 m / 73 kg
Education: higher school-leaving certificate
Professional career: racing rider
Hobbies: jogging, jet-skiing, cycling
Favourite food: noodles
Favourite drink: Coca Cola
Favourite music: all kinds

Competition rider since: 1976

Greatest successes:
1989: Winner of the French enduro championship
1995: Runner-up in the Atlas Rally
1996: Runner-up in the Atlas Rally
5th place in the Tunisian Rally
1997: Runner-up in the Tunisian Rally
Winner of the Atlas Rally
1998: Winner of the Atlas Rally
1999: Winner of the Granada-Dakar Rally
(text from the official BMW Motorrad Team Gauloises's web pages 2000)

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