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The purpose of this mailing list is to provide a forum for the announcement of Doc Wong's Riding Clinics.

12) Who is Doc Wong ?

Dr. Harry Wong, a prominent Redwood City chiropractor and extremely
knowledgeable sport rider, has started a monthly series of Motorcycle
Riding Clinics.

"Fourteen years in chiropractic practice and educator in this
field. I've hosted the TV show: "Feeling Good with Dr. Wong", the
radio show: "Ask Dr. Wong" and have spoken and taught at the local
colleges. I'm also a speaker for the National Safety Council and
board certified by both the National and State Boards of Chiropractic
Examiners. I've written and published two papers on chiropractic
technique and guest lectured at various seminars around the country.

My interest in the health and wellness field (chiropractic) naturally
spilled over into my enjoyment of motorcycles. I found that here too
I could improve the wellness (skills) of other riders and prevent
diseases(injuries). So it was natural for me to start and host these
riding clinics." Dr. Harry Wong

13) What is a riding clinic ?

The clinics are FREE, and consist of a one hour lecture followed
by a three hour group ride in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains.
The clinics are announced each month

PURPOSE: Enhance your riding skills, increase your enjoyment, and
learn better riding survival reflexes.

When & where : 8AM at Wong Chiropractic
1391 Woodside Road,
Suite 200
Redwood City, CA 94061

Please be gassed up and ready for a three hour ride after the one
hour seminar. We won't be stopping for a snack until about 10 am,
so if you get hungry before that time of the day either bring a snack
with you or eat before you arrive.


TYPE OF MOTORCYCLE: If it has 2 wheels and a motor, you're invited.

WORKSHOP FORMAT: The one hour talk will cover one major topic. Then
when we ride, we ride with the emphasis of applying the principles of
that one topic.

We split the riders into groups of around 10 riders each, according
to what YOU think your riding skill level is. The first group will
generally ride at a faster pace and the last group riding at the
slowest pace.

You can ride at a slower pace, you don't need to feel like you have
to keep up with the riders in front of you.

We'll have experienced riders in the lead and at the rear. Those
riders will be designated to you prior to beginning the ride, and if
they see you doing something unsafe (hard braking late into corners,
running wide, etc.) or if they have a technique tip for you, they'll
talk to you about it at the next rest stop. If it looks serious
enough, they might even motion for you to pull over.

It's important to approach this whole thing with the right attitude.
If one of the designated rider/instructors talks to you, it's meant to
be constructive criticism and should be taken that way. After all,
the purpose of the Clinics is to improve your skills.

We try to ride at a moderate pace, and we hold the speed down on the
straightways to allow slower riders to catch up. We stop at any
intersection where we're turning off to another road and we don't
continue until everyone has arrived.

We'll try to make rest stops long enough so that the slower riders
will get a rest, too.

14) What are the requirements to attend a riding clinic ?

SKILL LEVEL REQUIRED: Since these are not fast sport rides, any
reasonably competent rider should be able to participate. We
recommend that you be comfortable with your bike and knowledgeable
about your (and your bike's) limitations and capabilities. If you
have been riding for at least six months you've probably got the
minimum level of expertise required. The bottom line is that if you
can safely negotiate the mountainous roads off Skyline Blvd, then
you do have the minimum skills for the ride.

EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: A motorcycle in good mechanical condition, helmet,
gloves, heavy jacket (leather or heavy material), heavy pants,
boots... in other words, sensible riding attire. If you show up in
shorts, tank top, Oakley blades and flipflops on your feet, you _may_
be invited to go home. You must also have a valid motorcycle license
and insurance. Full leathers are encouraged.

15) How do I get a reservation for the next riding clinic ?

Sent your request in a private email message to ,
or phone in the request to (415)365-7775. If you reply to one
of his clinic announcements with a reservation request, please verify
by actually looking at the message headers that this reply does NOT
also go back to the list.

16) What route(s) are used during the clinic rides ?

We start at Dr. Wong's office on Woodside Road in Redwood City. We
go up Woodside Road, through Woodside, and turn right on King's
Mountain Road. We go up King's Mountain Road to Skyline and stop
there for a short break. This is the first opportunity for our
volunteer leaders to give any tips to the riders they've observed.

From there, we head down Tunitas Creek Road (decribed by my late
friend Brett as "a goddamned GOAT TRAIL!") ;-). We follow Tunitas
Creek Road all the way down to Highway 1, where we take a short jaunt
down 1 to Stage Road. Left on Stage road to San Gregorio's little
General Store, where we take another short break.

From San Gregorio, we go south on Stage Road to the little town of
Pescadero (which is a veritable METROPOLIS compared to San Gregorio).
Pescadero is the first opportunity to gas up, so you need to make
sure you have at least enough gas to make it there. Another short
break at Pescadero, and then we head east on Pescadero Road a short
ways to Cloverdale Road, where we turn south (right) again. We
follow Cloverdale road down to Gazos Creek Road, where we turn west

We follow Gazos Creek Road to Highway 1, and then take a trip down
1 to Davenport, where we stop for lunch. After lunch, it's south on
Highway 1 again to Bonny Doone Road, where we turn east (left).
Don't turn right there, or you'll be surprised at the lack of
floatation a set of leathers provides. ;-)

Up Bonny Doone Road to Pine Flat Road, left on Pine Flat road and
up to Empire Grade. North (left) on Empire Grade to Jameson Creek
Road, down Jameson Creek Road to Highway 236. Right on Highway 236
to Hiway 9 in Boulder Creek. Another short break in Boulder Creek
(gas, if needed), then up Highway 9 (east) to Skyline, where we
assemble at the little rest area there for a final meeting. After
our meeting and bull session, the group breaks up and everyone is
on their own. Hope you can find your way home from there!

[ Route description by Michael Nelson ]

Unless there is a road closure for some reason, the route does
not change. This route was picked to minimize the amount of
Sunday traffic that the riders will have to deal with, and it also
helps the repeat riders become more familiar with the roads.

17) Are there any dirt (or dual sport) riding clinics ?

Yes ! Several times a year, Harry will get a few top-ranked
enduro racers to help with a Thursday-night seminar & an all-day
riding session the following weekend at either Clear Creek or
Hollister. All dirt riders from class-A to novice, & dual-sport,
are welcome to attend. Riders will be sub-divided by skill & given
appropriate instruction & riding routes. All dirt clinics will be
announced here on the doc-ride list.

18) Are there any other clinics ?

Yes ! There are also suspension setup clinics throughout the year,
and future ones will be announced here on the doc-ride list.

19) How do I get to Doc Wong~Rs office ?

From San Francisco (or north of Redwood City):

Go south on Hwy 280 (past Hwy 92 exit, go another 10 minutes).
Exit Woodside Road (Hwy 84) & turn left after the exit - you'll be
going east on Woodside. About 1 1/2 miles on your right, on the
corner of San Carlos Ave and Woodside. You'll see a new 2 story
building with West Coast Video on the bottom. Park on the street,
you'll see all the bikes. Dr. Wong's office is upstairs above the
video store.

From the South Bay:

Go north on Hwy 280, and take the Woodside Road (Hwy 84) exit and
turn right, heading east on Woodside road. About 1 1/2 miles on
your right, on the corner of San Carlos Ave. and Woodside, you'll
see a new 2 story building with West Coast Video on the bottom.
Park on the street, you'll see all the bikes. Dr. Wong's office
is upstairs above the video store.

20) Does Doc Wong have a WWW Home Page for his clinics ?

Yes, you can get to it at Harry's home page.

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