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As a new subscriber we only ask a couple of things from you... participation and consideration. We like the new members to post a message to the list explaining a little about themselves, such as who you are, where you live (general location), what you ride (if you ride), what kinds of rides you like... anything to let us get a grip on _who_ you are. Jump right in the conversations/threads at any time. We especially encourage ride reports. We are a close knit group who have come to know each other pretty well. Here's where the consideration comes in. There are no flames allowed on Motolist. It's real simple. If you flame, you get a warning, (unless it's really bad) and if you persist, you're gone. Flaming has never happened here, and I am willing to bet it never will. If you have any doubt about what flaming is, it's a personal attack on another participant. Absolutely verboten!

We accept any marque of bike and you may speak you opinion as long as it is not a attack on anyone or their ride. Anyone and their opinion is welcome until they prove otherwise.

All posts must be motorcycle related. Occasionally we stretch that a bit in the winter when there's not much riding, but if it gets out of hand The Warden steps in.

Enjoy your stay here, and if you are offended by something said, mail the potential offender privately. Their .signature file at the end of their message _should_ have their E-MAIL address in it. This is done out of common courtesy for those who can't read messages headers or whose mailers don't show the original address of a someone who posts. If you cannot reach the offender then email me and I'll contact them for you.

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The facilities and service for this and several other motorcycle mailing lists are provided by
H. Marc Lewis (marcl at owns and operates the domain and pays all the associated costs: buying the hardware and software, maintaining it, and paying all the necessary fees to keep it connected to the Internet. He does this as a hobby -- is definitely a non-profit deal. Once a year (Jan/Feb) he solicits donations to help with the ongoing costs. If you'd like to contribute, PayPal to marcl at micapeak dot com


Mail from this list is the exclusive responsibility of the originators. It is operated by the listowner as a hobby for amusement purposes. The listowner makes all the rules, and breaks rules when it suits. If you don't like it, you may leave. Or the listowner may terminate your subscription without any necessity for justification or even explanation.

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