Chain Lubers

Bob Sims bob.sims at
Sun Apr 8 06:51:57 PDT 2007

>   I always notice an increase in revs as I'm lubing the chain 
> in gear on the centerstand. Has anyone found them to increase 
> gas mileage?
>   Pro and cons of any brands installed?


Great question.  I like chain oilers and don't see why the manufacturers
have never come up with some type of similar feature as part of the OEM
design -- probably because of environmental or liability issues.  Even the
most expensive aftermarket ones will quickly pay for themselves in the costs
of chains and sprockets, especially for those who ride in all weather or who
(like me) are too lazy to manually oil their own chains.

I have a CLS200u electronic oiler on my GPZ:

It's about 3-4 years old and I think it is great.  It is a bit complicated,
but once installed, I never have to mess with it other than to refill the
oil.  I like the remote mounted flow control knob.  All the components are
top-shelf and durable.  I use chainsaw oil, which is available cheap in home
stores in one liter bottles.  Again, it works great.

I previously had the Scottoiler touring kit.  Many people have great things
to say about the Scottoiler, but I thought it was junk -- way too plastic-y
and leaky.  The internals of mine got contaminated with water, and ruined.

There's also the Pro-Oiler, even more tech gimcrackery than mine:

For the ultimate in nickle-tech, see the Loobman (but I've read that these
will empty with altitude change -- no pressure relief):

I've also read lots of good things about the Hawkeoiler:

Let us know whether you install one, and if you like it.  One of the good
things about living in Germany is that there are about 10 different kinds of
automatic chain oilers to choose from.  I think these devices must really
appeal to the German passion for electro-mechanical precision gadgetry.  :-)



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