Chain Lubers

Bob Sims bob.sims at
Sun Apr 8 09:03:15 PDT 2007

> That looks like a pretty nice unit Bob. How grungy does the 
> back wheel/tire/hub get with a set-up like this? What do you 
> use for the oil?


Thanks.  I use chainsaw oil, as it is cheap, sticky, and stringy (without
being too thick), and it is specially made for, well -- chains.  I think it
is ideal for automatic oilers.  It is also advertised as being
environmentally friendly, FWIW, so I don't feel too bad about the "total
loss" design of the chain oiler.  I guess lumberjacks prefer to use bio-oil
on their chainsaws as they harvest swaths of old growth rain forests.  :-)

I've never experienced any more fling-off on the rear wheel than I did with
a properly-lubed chain when I was doing it manually.  I seem to get more
build-up around the front sprocket, though.  But to be fair, the unit is
adjustable, and I always err on the side of too much flow, rather than too
little.  I just haven't experimented with it as much as I should to find the
ideal flow rate for normal (non-rainy) riding.

Unfortunately, due to crappy weather and the ongoing, poorly-timed
restoration, my GPZ has spent more time dormant in the garage since last
August than it has on the road.  :-(


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