Chain Lubers

Steve Northrop blackgpz at
Sun Apr 8 09:30:04 PDT 2007

I use PJ1 Blue Label. I think most spray on chain lubes are more akin to 
chain protectants than actual lubes. Once the carrier evaporates you're just 
left with this "coating" on the chain. There are some pros here because the 
semi-dry coating attracts less road dirt. My worry with a wet oiling system 
is the road dirt mixing with the oil and turning it into a nice, pasty, 
valve grinding compound, chewing my chain and sprockets to bits. Maybe the 
constant introduction of oil keeps this from happening by always flushing it 
to the outside of the chain with centrifugal force. I'd like to try one and 
the one on Bob's bike is the best example I've seen so far. However, $200 is 
a little pricey for an experiment so I'll have to think about this some 

Steve in Western NY
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>I use silicone spray. Like DuPont Teflon Chain Lube. It's very safe on the 
> less mess. No slipping tire.  Usually, after the ride so it is ready for 
> the next.
> What do you use Steve N?
> JJ 

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