Hi all

John Spoonemore spoone at gmail.com
Sun Apr 8 17:12:36 PDT 2007

Okay..so I couldn't quite stay away..I've resubbed, cuz I miss the
gpz-specific chatter an' stuff.

Of course..I also have a question that's been bugging me.

At last tire replacement..and the one prior to that..I replaced the
spacers in the sequence/order that they came off the bike.  However...

When I look in "the good book", I see that the spacers are *nod* in the
order that I have them on the bike.  When I try to re-install the
spacers ("collars", the book calls them) I find that I have no room to
get the spacers, wheel, and brake caliper into place.  

Could some kind soul perhaps link a photo of the spacers *off* the bike
(perhaps on the side/s they're supposed to go on) so I can see what I'm
missing? ***

Much thanks way in advance..

*** provided a picture already exists..I'd hate for somebody to go to
all the trouble of pulling apart just to take a snapshot just for me.

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