Chain Lubers

schnowz schnowz at
Mon Apr 9 18:20:36 PDT 2007

Well you can't get a better recomendation than that.. Now all I need is the 
For now There is a couple things I have to take care of first - I came out 
of work tonight and noticed my rear tire has canvas showing. What a piece of 
shit the D220's are. I only got 6000 miles - the least ever. I normally get 
10 - 15k out of my tires.
  I E mailed a bud tonight to see if I can borrow his balancer..that is one 
reason it wore more, as I had put new bearings and seals in last time and 
the seals being new, were creating too much friction to balance it well on 
the axle. It's pissing me off because I was hoping the tire would last til 
June so I could mount a new one in case I can make the Fandango.
 Bad day all around, the calipers were sticking this morning so I'm gonna 
have to rebuild those also + the power went out at work and I lost a days 
work...some days it pays to stay in bed..
    I ordered some parts.I just hope they're here for the weekend. Supposed 
to be a nice riding day and I was gonna do the STN meet and greet on 
saturday,  but it looks like that is out.

   Pete S

>  Pro and cons of any brands installed?

I have a ScottOiler.

Pro: Absolutely wonderful. Best thing ever, including free sex and
sliced bread. Details on request.

Con: Expensive.

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