Communication system (long reply)

Art Lischer alisch80 at
Mon Apr 9 20:12:53 PDT 2007

My buddy Brad and I have AutoCom Active 7 Smart systems.  They are 
discontinued now replaced by the Active-Plus.  I love them, Brad does 
too.  We had them at the last Fandango and will this year again and on 4 
other trips.  We both use Cobra Micro Talk FMRS radios, mine is a model 
PR550WX; like this

Rechargeable NiMh batteries would last about 8 hours of continuous use 
before fading out.  Then we just plug into the back up radio and keep 
going.  We could get a useful range of about 3/4 mile unobstructed but 
that might have been on the low power channels.
The AutoCom system is worth every penny.  I've read some negative posts 
about the StarCom1 system on the COG and FJR forums; not a majority but 
enough to have my doubts.  I rarely see any negative about AutoCom.   
The most important advise I would give is follow the instructions on 
helmet speaker placement, microphone placement and VOX adjustment and 
set up to the *letter*.  After we each got our mic and headset placed in 
the helmet and  ready to go; we each followed the other on separate runs 
down the road (one on the bike, one in a car) to get the initial VOX 
settings adjusted right.  THEN we took off on the bikes together and 
found they were set pretty good.  You will have to adjust the VOX (kind 
of like a squelch setting) on the go sometimes when wind conditions 
change but most times you set it and leave it alone.  Rider to passenger 
set up is alot easier because you don't have to bother with the two way 
radio.  One tip on radio set up is Turn OFF the microphone key beep 

I have mine in a Shoei TZ-1 and his is in a Nolan flip up.  We also both 
bought the little wind socks that go on the mic.  I get alot of updraft 
in my helmet and the sock helps alot.   His cuts out alot when he has 
the lid flipped up but that's understandable.  I also have an Ipod tied 
in with mine using a low wattage amp and it has capabililty to patch in 
radar detector and cell phone also.  I wear earplugs all the time and 
can hear the music and voice coms clearly.  The music volume ramps down 
when talking.

I have some pdf files from AutoCom that I saved and might have a few 
pics of installing the speakers in my helmet too.  I'll send them to you 
off list.

HTH, sorry for the long post.
Art in DM

Steve Northrop wrote:
> Who uses a communication system on their GPZ? Whadaya got and whadaya 
> like/dislike about it? I'm looking at the StarCom1 Advance and the 
> AutoCom Active-Plus.
> Steve in Western NY
> '96 GPZ1100
> '02 Daytona 955i
> "You Can't Fix Stupid", Ron White

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