George McCaul gmccaul at
Tue Apr 10 13:17:44 PDT 2007


I restarted my sub to the list so I could say that I¹ll be at the gathering
in Silverton. I just made my reservation at the Villadallavaile. It¹s about
one block from the other two hotels you listed. I¹ll be coming out from Los
Angeles and will probably meander across Utah and CO. May come into Denver
and hook up with the troop you will have at your house and roll over to
Silverton with you.

It¹s great to see some of the same old names hanging around the list. For
the noobies, I had a GPZ from 96-99, been to a couple of the rallies and
miss them. I¹ll be there on my ³brand-x² and have some fun in the Rockies.
And did I see Bob Sims, the organizer of the VERY wet rally at Kodachrome
Campgrounds way back when? Bob, you still in Europe?

All the best,

George McCaul

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