Dropping the forks: Lifts, Jacks, etc.

Julian Solomensky jsolo at solo-tek.com
Thu Apr 12 15:46:33 PDT 2007

Common sense not included :)

I was using that pic as an example only.  I thought I saved the original link the to main page I found some weeks back, but apparently didn't.  I always use wire or something to hold the calipers when unbolted from the forks (usually just wire wrapped around the upper front frame support (the one that holds the dash in place)).

It's quick and very cheap to buy.  It was recommended to go with the 5' version of piping for extra height/versatility.  Although lower would probably work too.  Just have to be careful not to raise it too high that the center stand is significantly unloaded.  In fact, I wouldn't raise it any higher than need be to remove the front wheel.  Also, if working on the front head bearings, it would be helpful to have jack stands under the down tubes supporting the bike.  Pretty difficult to pound the races out if straps are only supporting the bike.

For a newer bike without down tubes, something else would have to be fabricated to the support it.  I'm not too keen on jacking the bike up under the exhaust.  With the age and mileage (at least on mine), it's likely to crumble.

Thursday, April 12, 2007, 1:55:22 PM, you wrote:

> Please use something to support the brake calipers while the forks are
> off . . . something other than the brake lines as shown in the
> picture.  Nice support otherwise though.

> Bob Held
> Allentown, PA

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