today's ride

Bill Magitz corbie at
Fri Apr 13 13:56:52 PDT 2007

After reading Doug's post I decided to take the 10 mile ride over to Cycle Exchange and give the GPZ a lookover. Well first off the shops owner was was all set to sell me Doug's ZX until he realized I'm not him. Secondly the GPZ was not to be found. oh well. 
But a freaky thing happened on the way over. I'm on a two lane 50 mph road ( rt 206 in Andover NJ )  when the car approaching me from the opposing traffic has his hood pop open , I guess the bungee cord didn't quite hold it. But then instead of pulling over and stopping he starts to veer onto my side of the road , the freeking arsehole was heading directly at me , I had to do a quick rip around him on his left hand side and into his lane and yes oncoming traffic , man did my pulse jump. some may say the GPZ is not the most nimblest of bikes but............... well a bit rattled but I'm OK. 
hope all are enjoying the late wintry season 
Bill M 

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