today's ride

schnowz schnowz at
Sat Apr 14 16:56:32 PDT 2007

Geez that's a new one..I'm always watching out at junctions but would never 
have expected that..
Glad you were on your toes, and came out unscathed exept for the stains in 
yer shorts..

> After reading Doug's post I decided to take the 10 mile ride over to Cycle 
> Exchange and give the GPZ a lookover. Well first off the shops owner was 
> was all set to sell me Doug's ZX until he realized I'm not him. Secondly 
> the GPZ was not to be found. oh well.
> But a freaky thing happened on the way over. I'm on a two lane 50 mph road 
> ( rt 206 in Andover NJ )  when the car approaching me from the opposing 
> traffic has his hood pop open , I guess the bungee cord didn't quite hold 
> it. But then instead of pulling over and stopping he starts to veer onto 
> my side of the road , the freeking arsehole was heading directly at me , I 
> had to do a quick rip around him on his left hand side and into his lane 
> and yes oncoming traffic , man did my pulse jump. some may say the GPZ is 
> not the most nimblest of bikes but............... well a bit rattled but 
> I'm OK.
> hope all are enjoying the late wintry season
> Bill M
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