John Spoonemore spoone at
Sun Apr 15 09:50:21 PDT 2007

Jeffrey Markham wrote:
> Has anyone tried adding Seafoam to their gasoline in a GPZ-1100? It is supposed to be really good for removing gummed up carbs, etc without damaging rubber seals and plastics. My GPZ seems to be running pretty well, but the idle is not as steady as I'd like it to be. Since the bike is 11 years old I'm sure there is a little bit of varnish and gunk in the carbs. What are your thoughts?
Have you tried synchronizing the carburetors, first?  If the bike has 
been run regularly through its lifetime, it's a safe bet that they're clean.
If the carbs are out of synch, it can roughen the idle a bit.  
Synchronizing them will improve throttle response, mileage (to a small 
degree) and it can smooth things out greatly..

Just my $.02


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