Crosswind sensitive GPZ (sorry - long)

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These are the carb bowl vent hoses the fuel tank is vented similarly if
the carb vent becomes slightly pressurized relative to the tank vent,
fuel flow will be impeded.  And this does happen on many different types
of bikes and is a common problem.

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> I could use some advice on this: Since the beginning of this season my

> trusty old GPZ has become sensitive to gusty crosswinds from the LEFT.


I've noticed a similar problem w/my GPZ before, but normally only in
very high winds (rare), and even then it was never enough to really
bother me.

I've heard of this happening with other bikes as well, some worse than
others.  I think it may be the carb drain hoses that exit from the top
of the carbs, and route beside the airbox.  These hoses are clear on my
bike, and there is one per side.  The wind moving across the ends of one
of these hoses would create a vacuum within the carb bowls, momentarily
starving the engine.  If I remember, the hoses route between the airbox
and the frame tubes, so the tips are close to the sides of the bike (and
the wind).  I suppose you could try re-routing these hoses, or extending
them, or covering them with some type of breathable foam.

A friend of mine many years ago had a Honda Hawk NT650, and this same
problem would cut a lot of power to the bike when the wind angle was
Apparently, it was a "known problem" with the Hawks, and the fix was to
trim or re-route the carb drain hose so the tip wasn't exposed to the

Keep us updated, and hope this helps.


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