Tis better to ask forgiveness than permission

Chris H. chillywilly5280 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 21 10:44:55 PDT 2007

Right on Charles, you did the right thing. To this day I regret  
selling my XT 600 and wish I could afford to replace it. Gotta take  
care of the GPz first though.

While it would be cool to have a dedicated tourer, sportbike, and  
dirtbike, having two dual purpose machines (a sport tourer & an  
"enduro") is much more practical for us average joes.

I think you get a couple several punches on your man card for that one!

Twist your wrist and catch some air a few times for the rest of us,  
will ya?

On Apr 20, 2007, at 20:16 , Charles Scappaticci wrote:

> Or so the saying goes.  I decided to try this one out today.
> I've been looking for a "street legal" off road bike and today  
> found a mint shape 2003 Yamaha WR450F at Vickery Motorsports.  I  
> know Vickery pretty well having bought a half dozen bikes or so  
> there and got a decent deal, IMO.
> It's PO was an older gent (like me) and it's been very well cared  
> for and interestingly has a Revloc clutch on it.  For those who  
> don't know what a Revloc clutch is, it's a replacement that turns  
> the clutch into an automatic clutch, sort of like the FJR1300  
> except it still has a clutch lever that works although it's so  
> light it almost feels like the cable is disconnected.  The  
> advantage is you virtually can't stall it and can sit at idle in  
> first gear with no hands on the clutch.  The downside is forgetting  
> that it's in gear and then blipping the throttle and watching the  
> bike taking off out from under you.  Got to get used to that.   
> Anyway, I digress.
> The SO is out of town today on a road trip (she's borderline psycho  
> and takes off to who knows where for the weekend once in a while)  
> so faced with the need to jump on this while I could, or waiting  
> till she's back and the bike possibly being gone by then I decided  
> to jump on it.  I talked to her tonight and told her I bought it  
> and while she seemed ok with the purchase, Sunday night should  
> certainly be interesting.
> Hopefully I can get it out for a first ride on Sunday morning and  
> see how it hauls my fat ass around the motocross track.
> Charles S.

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