Revloc Clutch

Charles Scappaticci scapco at
Sun Apr 22 19:36:59 PDT 2007

After picking up my new toy last night and installing a new rear tire 
and 2 tubes (dammit!!) I took it for a first ride today at the motocross 
track.  It's definitely a big change from a 250 2-stroke motocrosser to 
a big bore 4-stroke.  Anyway, I got a chance to read up on and try out 
the Revloc clutch and see what the $925 (ouch!!) they charge for one is 
all about.

You start the bike as normal and then just drop it into gear (hands off 
the clutch lever!), no fuss no headache.  You give it some gas and it 
engages smoothly and you ride away.  You can completely forget about 
using the clutch lever at all if you choose.  You just ride around and 
shift as normal and it prevents the engine from stalling even if you 
lock up the rear wheel.  You can override the Revloc with the clutch 
lever if needed, but doing so at the wrong time eliminates the engine 
braking effect and can be a really bad thing at times.  This would be 
great for a beginner or handicapped person.

These also work for street bikes, although so far they only make them 
for Harley's and Ducati's.  At $925 each, I would think the market would 
be limited though.

Here'a a pic of the WR450. -

Charles S.

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