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Sun Apr 22 21:04:27 PDT 2007

Saturday I was calling the local dealers for a new set of Michelin Pilot
The lowest quote I got was $425 for the pair (before tax, enviro fee, mount
& balance)
The highest was $637 + tax (but they would do the mount balance for free,
wheels on the bike)
The sad part is when you do the math all that really separates the highest
from the lowest is approx $75
Question (s)... 
1. Are there any Canadian webstores others have used and gotten better

2. Have any of the Canadian owners tried getting tires from south of the
border from the various .Com websites mentioned over the years by our
southern cousins?

3. If yes to # 2 how was the experience.  I have never found "Free Trade" to
be FREE!..  What about the taxes, surcharges, shipping and brokerage fees,
Last time I asked, there was little difference when looking at other
suitable brands like Bridgestone, Avon for the GPz.
Paul (spring time sticker shock) Landry
p_landry at telus.net

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