Insurance Rates ( BC Canada )

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Clinton and republican policy's were quite popular over here (UK). I don’t
want to start a political debate on motorcycle forum as this not the place,
I'd just like to get some views as we only get what the media want us to
Is Bush really that popular that he got reelected? His portrayal over here
is that of a puppet and an incompetent. Quite frankly from what I've seen he
might as well as well sit on his masters knee on Vaudeville. 
We can thank him for the highest exchange rate $-£ in my memory. 

Was Clintons real downfall that he got caught with his pants down and the
too powerful religious right never let him off the hook? Or were his policys
really that bad?

I nearly deleted this and did'nt send it.  So I hope I don’t get someones
back up, I'm just interested in some "normal" American views. 

By the way our president sorry Prime Minister Blair, modelled himself on
Clinton. He was quite likable at first full of exhuberance and driving
policys through. Now its just lie after lie, or is that spin spin spin and a
feeling for the past two years that he's clinging on for as long as


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Ah yes.....The People's Republic of Canuckistan........the perfect societal 
model for Hilary Stalin, I mean von Clinton, I mean Clinton. Socialized 
medicine, everything free for those that are a drain on society, take it all

from those that contribute to society. We'll be caught right up to ya soon. 
It's just a matter of time. BTW, my mc insurance is $103 this year.

Steve in Western NY
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"You Can't Fix Stupid", Ron White

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> It's gotten to the point here where it's almost worth driving uninsured. 
> The last time I was in traffic court a couple of guys got fines ranging 
> from 2500$ - 5000$, depending if it was the first time caught without 
> insurance. If you don't have a lot of assets to lose in a lawsuit, a 
> position most 20 Y.O. kids are in, you could save thousands over a 5 year 
> period. The insurance cos. are on to this and have started funding cell 
> phones(with their extra profits) for the police forces so they can easily 
> verify policies on traffic stops.
> Canadians just continue to pay their insurance bills like sheep without a 
> whimper.
> Mike Buehrle
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