Insurance Rates ( BC Canada )

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Mon Apr 23 20:00:28 PDT 2007

No whimpering.. 
I am starting to get rather whiney...   :-D

$103 in NY!..  What you guys are saving over me each year is a brand new set
of tires!..   
That is just sad!.    :-(

Paul W. Landry
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Subject: RE: Insurance Rates ( BC Canada )

It's gotten to the point here where it's almost worth driving uninsured. The
last time I was in traffic court a couple of guys got fines ranging from
2500$ - 5000$, depending if it was the first time caught without insurance.
If you don't have a lot of assets to lose in a lawsuit, a position most 20
Y.O. kids are in, you could save thousands over a 5 year period. The
insurance cos. are on to this and have started funding cell phones(with
their extra profits) for the police forces so they can easily verify
policies on traffic stops.
Canadians just continue to pay their insurance bills like sheep without a

Mike Buehrle

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