chilly day woes

Bill Magitz corbie at
Wed Apr 25 14:33:47 PDT 2007

I'm having some problems with the jet kit I had installed and was looking for some cure ideas. here's the story >>>>> I had the stage 1 dyno kit so figured why not have it installed ( I know my limits and trying to mess w/ carbs w/o proper knowledge or tools is not within them ) so after a few attempts to get it right I thought they nailed it Monday morn. A sweet 75° day I ripped around and was mostly pleased. only the slightest of hesitation on occasion while holding throttle at mid speeds. But this morning it is not as warm more like 40° and the bike sputters or worse at stops and sputters right up thru acceleration. I know long distance diagnosis is difficult and I don't know what the settings are as of now , but all idea's are for sure needed.  thanks much    bill m the stumbling and bumbling commuter.

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