Alexander Finger af at genevainformation.ch
Mon Apr 30 07:47:55 PDT 2007

Dave Daniels wrote:
> Guys,
>   Some advice needed. I noticed this again yesterday when I took my hands off the handlebars for a moment to "adjust". I was going about 45 mph when I let go. As the bike slowed, it the front end began to wobble uncontrolably around 42 mph. As soon as I grabbed hold again, it stopped. I don't notice ANYTHING when I'm holding onto the handlebars and riding. But, every time I let go around 45, it begins to wobble around 42. Could this be warped rotors? The bike handles very well, tracks very well, even at high speeds and around corners. Like I said, I don't notice anything when holding the bars. Thanks for your thoughts.
>   Dave D.

Frontwheel bearing itself can be worn out as well. Mine was rotten
(literally), since the replacement the wobble never came back.


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