Paul Landry p_landry at
Mon Apr 30 21:25:44 PDT 2007


I can't even get 1 month's coverage with only basic for $77!  That is with
all my "safe driver" / no claim status...

Hopefully it will be a trend in the industry and we will all see our rates
come down..

Got a quick ride in on Sat (nice warm sunny day), good thing as I broke my
left wrist on Sunday.  In plaster for 2 wk min - 4 wk max.    :-(

Nope, NGPZ content, was gardening, pulling out old rose bushes.  Got tripped
up when a root snapped, feet caught up in other bushes. Fell backwards onto
the concrete driveway.

Typing with one hand is painfully slow!  :-)

Paul W. Landry
p_landry at

From: Steve Northrop [mailto:blackgpz at] 

Subject: Insurance

my premium went DOWN $26 to a whopping $77 a year. 

Steve in Western NY

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