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Steve Northrop blackgpz at rochester.rr.com
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Good to hear from you, Chuck. Glad your on the mend and making progress. 
Sorry to hear you've decided to sell the Geeper but in any event, you'll do 
better than the offer the shyster in Montrose made you. My one year 
anniversary of "the crash with the crackheads" was yesterday. I asked my 
wife if she was going to throw me a party. She said she was going to throw 
me something but it wasn't going to be a party. Wonder what she meant by 

Steve in Western NY
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> Hi gang,
> Rob Schwartz asked me for an update on my situation since my untimely 
> get-off, and I thought I would share with the rest of you. If you care 
> read on, If not feel free to delete now.
> First off, let me say thanks again for the help and support in Montrose. 
> And the shirts fit great. The Geeper emerged scraped up, but still 
> functional, as near as I can tell. The shipper did a great job, delivered 
> it to my front door, and actually rolled it into place for me. I can't 
> actually ride it yet,  or even hold it up, and probably won't be able to 
> for months, by which time the snow will fly here.
> Well after I got back from Colorado, I ended back in the hospital here in 
> Helena, around the 4th of July. Staph infection in the collapsed lung, 
> probably from the drain tube they had in me. Sick as a dog in hospital for 
> a week. Life was suckin'.
> But I have been home for two weeks and am now up and about. Now just 
> dealin' with the pain of six broken ribs and a broken collarbone and 
> limited capabilities. On the bright side I have dropped 25 pounds, and 
> still going!
> Here is the bad news, with all of the unanticipated expenses of shipping 
> and towing, and my my wifes' sick horses and things around the house and 
> our property, I need money, and have decided to sell the GPZ. Damn I know, 
> but I have enjoyed it for several years. Yes it is a great bike, best I 
> have ever owned actually, but I am thinking that sport-touring is less a 
> factor in my future riding, and that I need a dual sport much more, 
> especially with my property in the hills where I cannot even take the GPZ.
> I am looking at the 2008 KLR 650 or the 2008 650 VStrom with ABS. But I 
> won't be getting anything until next spring at the soonest, so I have the 
> winter to window shop. I am getting pictures of the GPZ together, but will 
> advertise it in the local paper first. I am asking $2500 OBO, I think it 
> is fair for a great bike with less than 20,000 miles, but I have no idea 
> what to expect with the scraped up plastic... probably less. Anyhow if 
> anyone is interested let me know.
> Chuck Driscoll
> Black Gypsy
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