Fall on gravel in a curve ....

Barblan barblan at gmx.ch
Sun Aug 5 03:47:50 PDT 2007


Friday at about 11 o'clock it was my time:
in a curve - I know that road very well - there was sand and hardly 
visible sand on a stretch of about 6 m.
At about 7O km/h I had absolutely no chance of avoiding a fall. 
Everything happened very fast. The bike slipped away under me, cleared 
the path (took away the fence) and we both went down into a donkey meadow.
The donkeys were at the other end. We also missed the telephone pole.

I got up. No really harmful damage, just a couple of scratches and 
bruises (I was wearing good protective gear). Of coarse I was shaken but 
actually a wasn't even really upset.

The bike is an other story. I don't now jet whether it can be fixed. The 
upper fairings are both damaged beyond repair, so is the handlebar and 
the bar at the rear, where the light and all the plastic are also shot. 
Motor is still running, but I couldn't get the gears into neutral.
The bike is now at the shop. Martin is going to do an estimation over 
the weekend. I'll tell you more once I have the number ...

All in all:
Every one of us knows this is a risk we take.
I consider myself very lucky to be practically unharmed!
A guardian angel must have been watching me!

Itches: my pride and my purse ...

Ride safely! And wear protective gear!!!

All the best!

George, bruised, damaged black GPZ

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