Julian Solomensky jsolo at
Mon Aug 6 12:21:15 PDT 2007

Hello All!

Got a chance to finally sit on one at the local dealership today.  It was the nonABS model (still undecided, prefer the abs though I think).

I'm 6' tall with a 32-33" inseam.  I was able to place both feet squarely on the floor.  The bar reach seems just right.  Also, unlike the st1300, when feet are on the ground, they are not hitting the plastic.  The bike looks pretty slick with the bags off too.  A top givi or similar is needed.

A larger windscreen might be a needed option.  The brake/clutch reservoirs look cheesy like an after thought with the plastic containers.  They should be using anodized aluminum or similar, not that see through crap.

I'm not too impressed with the luggage.  They're narrow at the top, and widen once the subframe area is cleared.  I think the ST has the best looking bags/rear end.

A radiator grill will be needed.  I do believe the same one from a zx14 will fit this.

Aside from that, the shop said they only got 3 in, 2 of which were ABS models were have already been sold.

The bike definitely feel lighter between the legs.  Similar to a fjr or a st1300.  I suspect in january or feb, I'll be taking possession of one of these.

The shop (chicago cycle center) had an 07 fjr and st 1300 lined up at the front of the store.. the concours was by itself towards the rear in the kawasaki section.  They should put 'em all next to one another.

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