honda XR250 now TTR Idle problems

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Fri Aug 10 13:45:13 PDT 2007

As a follow up to a question I posted to the list a while 
back regarding a plugged carb on my daughters 2006 TTR125 I 
finally found a temporary solution.

After conferring with Colorado's own Mad Mike, Mike 
Barnhill, I finally got around to dismantling my daughters 
TTR-125 again.  I dissembled the carb (and a few other 
things) and found the pilot jet to be plugged solid even 
though it had only been a month or so since installing a 
brand new one.  I was surprised to find a slimy, semi-hard 
film inside the carb, almost like slime in a fish tank, so 
I thoroughly cleaned everything with carb cleaner and 
installed a fuel filter.  Now it runs and idle's fine 
again, but I'm left wondering exactly what they are putting 
in the gas that causes this so quickly.  My friend Bruce 
has exactly the same problem with his sons TTR-125 so it's 
not just mine.

I talked to both Bill Vickery and his service dept about 
this and was told the crap they are selling makes bikes 
(especially small ones) very prone to this and they 
recommended running race gas or using Sta-Bil to slow it 
down.  In fact all of their bikes on the showroom floor 
have race gas in the tank rather than pump gas.

I guess I'll start either running Sta-Bil or race gas (and 
Techron fuel cleaner) in it and carry a screwdriver and 
spare jets around in the future until I come up with a 
better solution.  Thanks to Mike for some good suggestions!

Charles S.

>Well I finally got round to it.  I took Mad Mike's 
>suggestion and checked the decompressor to see if it was 
>holding the right exhaust valve open.
> Jim

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