'96 for sale in Ohio

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It really depends on the bike.  Most air boxes are large enough to supply
more than enough intake air instantaneously, the only drawback would be long
term high RPM running like down the back straight of a race track where you
would use up all the air in the box and the restriction on the box intake
(there for noise reduction) would be the limiting factor.  In normal street
driving neither is a limitation unless you take into account the weight of
the stock exhaust system.  However as I and other can attest when the bike
tips over (that never happens right?) the stock systems heavy duty metal
many times saves plastic parts that would cost a whole lot to replace at the
mere cost of a scuff on the exhaust.  I know as my pristine 95 tipped over a
month or so ago and the scratches on the stock exhaust are minimal.


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If I understand it correctly, Intake (Pods) affects the carbs way more than
exhaust ever will.

"blackbear at frontiernet.net" <blackbear at frontiernet.net> wrote: On a side
note...I'm interested in the V&H exhaust for my GPZ, but would I have to
rejet the carbs to use it?

Michael in Holley NY

Quoting Dave Daniels :

> If anybody is interested in buying a '96 GPZ, a guy in Fairfield OH   
> has just informed me that he is going to have to sell his. This is   
> the guy who has the V&H exhaust for sale that I told you about a   
> couple weeks ago. He still has that exhaust but he has put a stock   
> exhaust system on there that he bought from Jerry. He wants $3500   
> firm. If you are interested, give me a shout and I will forward you   
> some pictures and his email address. It's a pretty clean bike and I   
> can't remember the mileage. He wants to sell it quick, which kind of  
>  makes his price a little unreasonable in my opinion. But, oh well,   
> you be the judge.
>   Dave D.

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