Petcock Failure

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I thought the whole idea of the vacuum type was to prevent flooding when the
float needles get old and can't hold back the fuel pressure when not
running.  I've had older bikes that if I didn't remember to turn off the
fuel they would flood.  Just a thought.


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remove the fuel line from the carbs and check that no fuel flows while the
engine is off. When you crank the bike, fuel should begin flowing.
It should also flow with the petcock on "PRIME" without the bike cranking or

Best thing is to replace the petcock with a pingel or other non-vacuum type
while you're messing with it... I haven't bothered with mine yet but I
suppose I will eventually. If you do that be sure to cap the tap where the
vacuum line enters the carbs or wherever.

You can also add a simple inline on-off valve in the fuel line somewhere,
and get in the habit of turning it to OFF when you park...
that'll prevent hydro-lock even if your vac petcock fails.

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 How can I tell if my petcock is failing? >
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