NGPZ - More t'shootin' dies after highway run

Steven Bixby steven at
Fri Aug 17 13:56:39 PDT 2007

Heh.... it's not THAT cold/damp here, despite Mark Twain's famous
quote.   It was probably 70-ish and 45% humid when she had it happen

The vents/hoses do sound like a possibility, I can clean these out and
replace the fuel filter.

I just wonder - if it's running OK as you're droning along, but then
drop to idle, why would it suddenly not get enough fuel to just idle?

On 8/17/07, Dave Spaulding <spauldingd at> wrote:
> Lord knows I'm not a mechanic, but whenever I hear these symptoms, I think
> of carb icing or fuel starvation caused by a clogged vent in the gas cap.
> In San Francisco I wonder if the cold damp air would make you more likely to
> have icing problems.

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