NGPZ - More t'shootin' dies after highway run

Marilyn Mason masonjs at
Fri Aug 17 17:34:06 PDT 2007

Actually freezing of water can occur up to 120 C under the right conditions.
A couple of years ago at the Bomb (nuclear research laboratories that I just
retired from we were experimenting drying waste nuclear fuel that had water
ingress in its storage facilities.  We were using a combination of heat
(120C) and rough vacuum.  To test our rig we placed a beaker of water in the
stainless steel chamber with a thremocouple in the water, the surrounding
atmosphere and the side of the chamber.  We heated the chamber to 120 C and
them applied vacuum.  As the vacuum increased the chamber temp, and
atmosphere temp in the chamber remained constant but the temperature in the
beaker of water began to drop until it hit 0 C.
The increase in the vacuum (decrease in pressure) caused the water to
evaporated so fast that it had a cooling effect on the remaining water.

> Steven, here is a great page describing carb icing problems with the Ninja
> 250.  It says that carb icing can occur at up to 90 degrees ambient
> temperature.
> I think the reason it would run fine until you stop is that with the
> throttle open you get enough fuel through your main jets, but the smaller
> idle jets can ice up such that it can't idle.  When it dies, it would take
> just a minute or two for the heat from the heads to warm the carbs so it
> runs again.
> Dave in Des Moines
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> > Heh.... it's not THAT cold/damp here, despite Mark Twain's famous
> > quote.   It was probably 70-ish and 45% humid when she had it happen
> > today.
> >
> > The vents/hoses do sound like a possibility, I can clean these out and
> > replace the fuel filter.
> >
> > I just wonder - if it's running OK as you're droning along, but then
> > drop to idle, why would it suddenly not get enough fuel to just idle?
> >
> > On 8/17/07, Dave Spaulding <spauldingd at> wrote:
> >> Lord knows I'm not a mechanic, but whenever I hear these symptoms, I
> >> think
> >> of carb icing or fuel starvation caused by a clogged vent in the gas
> >> In San Francisco I wonder if the cold damp air would make you more
> >> to
> >> have icing problems.
> >
> >

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