Help!. Steering head bearings

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Mon Aug 20 09:14:40 PDT 2007

I've also carefully cut the race off with a dremel tool cutting attachment,
just make it weak enough to pry the race apart and off. 

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Atually you could put the triple tree into the freezer and slide the warm
bearing onto it.

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> I haven't done this but I understand putting the races in the freezer
> for a while can help you reinstall them in the steering neck. DON'T do
> that with the one that goes on the triple tree stem. ;)
> Also you may want to upgrade to tapered bearings at this time if you
> haven't already bought replacements.
> On 8/19/07, Paul Landry <p_landry at> wrote:
> > I know others on the list have done this on their bikes and am looking
> > the tips, tricks, alternate tools that I can use to do this.
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