not good, bad, real bad

Art Lischer alisch80 at
Mon Aug 20 20:40:19 PDT 2007

Yep, Still here with shim kit.  I'll go get it tomorrow and post a quick 
inventory.  I think I bought a few of the thinner sizes last year to 
even out the kit.  Sorry I didnt jump into this thread earlier.  I have 
a collection of common shim sizes that I keep on hand; some I have 
purchased on my own; some contributed from other list members.  If time 
and schedule permits and you're doing a valve adjustment let me know 
what sizes you need and I will trade you for the ones you remove ( and a 
buck or two for postage and maintaining the inventory, if you see 
fit).   just post what you need and I send them out on a post card in an 
Art in DM

Steven Bixby wrote:
> Kinda too late for Robert now, but....
> Art Lischer, still out there?  Still the "keeper of the shim kit"?
> I'm gonna tear into my GPZ real-soon-now and do valves, so I might
> call upon the shim kit soon.
>> Someone else in an old thread had recommended a source for shims.   ....

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