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Tue Aug 21 19:57:48 PDT 2007

Great report dude, Jonesing? Hell I've got the DTs.
No waffle houses in NJ? (Weird) How about that trucker there?
Or how about 4 GPZs hitting the rev limit to go get breakfast?
zoom! Was Amanda legal? Dudes, How can we thank Don enough?
Or how about  finding me at the beginning of a gravel road while on
Don's sweet ZZR12.! Don rode Rockelle like a b*tch in heat.
I almost didn't ride his ZZR cuz it felt like, the high school cheer-
leader ask me on on date and her parent weren't home.
Or how about Rockelle losing bolts. 5 trips to the hardware store?
LOL maybe JB weld? How about the wonderful old woman at Diggers?
She waited tables for over 35 years. God Bless her, ya know.
How about the N2 bottle on that CBR dow at the dock? Or the HD riders
slowing up our ride through the twistys?  Or Don's big secret. (zip)
Hunan honeys and plate glass confession to St Joe? Jerry's Ghost?
The cover bridge and the young couple on the can-of-tuna?
Dude, did the blinker make it home too? Maybe Beard can send
you a new one? I started a blog entry about the trip, give me a few
days to finish. What about this up state NY ride?
Once a year just ain't enough. Thats why I'm divorced! 
Bill Magitz <corbie at> wrote: Hi All , first off I will not apologize for the goofy subject line cuz I am fer sure jonesing for another Indiana adventure.  WOW what a great weekend we had. The roads we rode the sights we saw the people we met and rode with ,  Awesome fricking Awesome.
I'll start with Saturday since it was the main ride day. Started with breakfast at the Cracker Barrel and the cute and charming Amanda , and shame on you Dave D. how do ya expect to get a heart warming smile ifya can't remember her name , jk , but when she said with a slight tilt of the head and a swing in her hip " My mama raised me to be justa hick" how could ya not be enamored. Anywee off we went , Dave B. Dave D. Jerry and I , to meet Don and Matt at the Williams Dam. A few photos and the adventure began. Hindostan was cool not often ya visit a ghost town. The monastery was a sight to behold and of course all those roads. Don you picked the most amazing route and set a brisk yet enjoyable pace. Lunch at the Dock , thanks again Don , a lot of laffs and good food who knew tooth picks could taste so good : ). See the pix of the view from the Overlook , kinda made me feel like i was on the Rhine river again , sweet. I'm sure I'm missing a few things but it was THE perfect
 de. my tally was 335 miles and memories aplenty.
For me I met up with Jerry in London Ohio a 485 mile cruise on the Interstates. And to Jerry's surprise I had never been to a Waffle House. Check this out Dark One there is not a single Waffle House in New Jersey that's right not even one. closest one is an hour away. this was Thursday. On Friday Jerry and I metup with Dave Daniels and we tailed a cutie up 70 and when we stopped at the rest stop she was stopped right next to us so of course I chatted her up and found she lived quite close to me in fact her father works in my home town ( M&M factory) so off we go to meet Dave Beard and lunch at Diggers , hey if it's good enough for GW ............... followed by a nice ride to Bloomington. The town was abuzz with students arriving for the new year. We had some girly beer , hahahaha , and another cutie of a waitress , no smiles for me cuz I forgot her name, but ya gotta love her serving technique. and of course I gotta hit the local CD shop for some dollar cd's. Friday I
 led 373 miles.
Sunday was travel day Jerry and I left early 7:30 am up Rt 46 a good start , found the interstates and a little rain and at Columbus we went our ways , thanks for the escort Jerry. I had planned to stop in Bedford Pa and ride the last 4 hours Monday morning but I got to the exit by 4pm and decided to continue , bad mistake , I rode gearless in the rain for the last 6 hours of my trip , which took me until 10 pm to get home and 735 miles. But I did meet some good people on the way . Mike on his Harley I met at the toll plaza for the Pa turnpike , he followed me until I stopped for gas , kinda sound familiar guys ?? after gassing up I told him to lead and off he goes doing 80-85 MPH and then the rain , so what does Mike do?? he speeds up to 90mph. So in response to Mr French's question I would say the IRC's ride just fine in the rain. One last note before I stop babbling. I got off my last Hiway and was exhausted , wet , tired sore etc etc and 22 miles from home I had enough
 o I pulled over at a small shopping center. I tried to stretch my aching body tried to stop my trembling worn out limbs and finally noticed that the only open shop was a massage parlor ROFL now there's some irony for ya.  but the cool thing was the BBQ restaurant at the end of the mall. the owner saw me and asked how I was and after hearing my tale he invited me in and Boss Hawg would of for sure cooked me anything i wanted even though he was clearly closed. He gave me a drink and we chatted for at least ½ an hour he made me call the wife to let her know I was ok and then insisted I call him back when I got home so he would know I was ok and then he loaned me his warm DRY jacket and some gloves and sent me on my way. Boss Hawg of the Hog Hollow Bar-B-Que is a fine gentleman and i suspect a new friend for life.
that's me and my ride report 1928 miles total , see ya in 2008 !!!!!!!!
Bill Magitz

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