shims... what a friggin' pain!

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Fri Aug 24 13:18:50 PDT 2007

That's incorrect. It's basically a big-bore ZX-11. It's the same
valvetrain as the ZX-11, GPz1100, and ZRX, although the rocker arms
are sintered-tipped instead of chrome-tipped, supposedly for better
wear and lubrication. They went to shim-under bucket on the ZX-12R,
which was derived from the ZX-9R. You DO have to take the cams out on
those, and on the ZX-14 (and ostensibly the concours) which derived
from the 12R. 8-)

On 8/24/07, blackgpz at <blackgpz at> wrote:
> I think you're in for some more fun when you get to the ZZR. I think
> they went to the shim under bucket design on that engine which means
> you get to pull the cams out.
Utah Jeff
'96 SheePz1100

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