Pods & Jets

Stephen Hampson shampson at beeb.net
Fri Aug 24 13:54:57 PDT 2007

Has anyone out there done the pod filters and not used a factory pro or
dynojet kit. 

I was thinking of fitting the pods and just upping the pilot and main jets
using the stock needle and spring. 


Part of the reasoning is that I did a filter upgrade on my late VN1500 at
first using a Dynojet kit which was rubbish. Best results were with larger
pilot and mains and using stock needle and spring. Far better than any kit
out there, but then again there had been a lot guys out there who had done
all the hard donkey work in getting it right.


So if anyone has, can you send me your settings so I at least have a bench
mark to go from.


Secondly, am I right in presuming the factory pro kit use keihin jets? Is
the needle much different from stock and can you buy a needle separately?




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