once again: dimensions of ZRX 1200 bar?

Barblan barblan at gmx.ch
Sat Aug 25 09:10:22 PDT 2007

Thanks Dave!
And thanks to all the others that helped!

27" end to end ;2.5-3" rise; 5-6" pullback
Seems to bee narrower than the LSL I had.

Advantage: better view with the mirrors (incl. extenders).
On the other side: more force necessary.

Don't know yet what I'm going to buy.

George, Switzerland, who did 2 passes on very narrow roads (2 m wide) 
with patches on gravel, driving very slowly!

PS. Dave's measurement corresponds nicely with the information of Colin:
ZRX1100/1200 / Z1000 / ZR7 bars (W:686 / H:89 / Pullback:190)

Dave Daniels wrote:
> Very roughly, I measured:
> 27" end to end
> 2.5-3" rise
> 5-6" pullback
> */Barblan <barblan at gmx.ch>/* wrote:
>     ZRX-bar guys!
>     Could one of you please measure the dimensions of the ZRX bar?
>     Whether in inches or mm doesn't matter!
>     Original Kawasaki parts are very expensive here in Switzerland -
>     and I
>     don't like those stealers ...
>     I'm thinking about buying an LSL bar, the tourer one called L03.
>     Width: 800 mm height: 130 mm depth: 210 mm
>     On my LSL-handle-bar-riser I had a L01 steel bar of LSL.
>     One other question: aluminium or steel?
>     Thanks!
>     George, Switzerland, in search for a clever handle bar ...

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