Shims... not such a friggin' pain,or Zen and the art of moto-maintenance

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Wed Aug 29 14:04:00 PDT 2007

<<Now I just need to install the new chain and sprockets, sync the
carbs, install new fork seals/oil, lube/adjust the steering head
bearings, install new shock and storz bar conversion, etc., etc.,


Jeff, had a helluva day Saturday doing chain and sprockets on my YZF as well 
as what is called the clutch push rod #2, which is basically the rod that 
engages when you pull the clutch lever. Seems I let my chain get a little to 
far gone a few weeks back and it jumped when I downshifted, effectively 
snapping the clutch push rod #2 about 5 miles from my home, after a 400+ 
mile day. Worst part about all of this was that the day I did the repair it 
was 87 degrees and 80% humidity here on Long Island. What should have taken 
me a few hours turned into a 10 hour ordeal, broken up by lengthy stays in 
the A/C and me drinking buckets of water. It didn;t help that early on I 
dropped the bike off the swing arm stand, luckily I had the side stand down 
yet. It landed on it, but the swing arm stand was wedged into the frame. Had 
to call two of my brothers to come over and help me lift it off the stand. 
The other mishap was when I had placed the pushrod in place and I had no 
feel on the lever. Turns out a ball bearing that goes between the two 
pushrods disappeared on me. After calling the idiot local dealer, who told 
me its a special order item, I found out its a regular 5/16th ball bearing. 
I ran down to my local hardware store and bought a few. Then of course I 
found the original one sitting in  a drop of oil in the clutch basket. Got 
it all together and its perfect again. And the chain and sprocket set went 
on like butter. No problems there.

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