Finally done it!

Julian Solomensky jsolo at
Wed Aug 29 19:18:29 PDT 2007

Seating was more comfortable.  I rode it just 2 miles from the shop to home, in 5pm traffic.  The clouds were rolling in, and I got back just before it started to drip a little (though it looked like it was going to pour).

Tomorrow should is promised to be nice and sunny.  I need to adjust everything before I start the engine any further.  Do my 20-30 miles break in ( ), then do some more miles, change oil, etc..

For now, not much else to say.  It feels like a new pair of boots.  Rough around the edges, doesn't quite feel right, etc.

For now, immediate upgrades includes a radiator guard, a stebil horn.  A larger windscreen would be nice too, but way too early to tell.

For anyone in chicago, CCC still has a non abs model left too.

> Of course, of course!!!!  Just curious what you think of it thus far,
> Julian...

> -Rob

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