Finally done it!

scapco at scapco at
Thu Aug 30 08:48:20 PDT 2007

Excellent point Rob.  While my GPZ is worth at least $2.5K 
to me and is pretty damn clean IMO, with 44K on it and a 
salvage title what would it really sell for?  If I were to 
go buy a Connie today, I'd probably just keep the bike for 
those times when friends come to visit and I need a second 

Julian, FWIW, my local dealer wanted $12,700 for a non-ABS 
version.  I think you made out pretty well.

Charles S.

People often get >caught up in what they think their 
vehicle's worth rather than trying to think about who would 
actually want it for that much.
>How much would YOU pay for it??  I'd say you made the 
>right choice.

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