potential winter project for some one

Marilyn Mason masonjs at nrtco.net
Fri Aug 31 12:27:58 PDT 2007

If any of you want to build something diffent this winter I have a starting
point for you.  I've got a 1976 Evinrude 85 HP V4 outboard motor that
someone kissed a rock with last summer, so the lower unit (leg) is phuqed..
I only wanted to buy the trailer but it was take it all or nothing.  I was
looking at it today and wondered if I could get it running.  Not wanting to
bother with shit like plugged fuel lines, gummed up carbs etc.  I hooked up
ear muffs to the water intake, connectted a battery, injectted 10cc of mixed
gas into the fogging port and hit the innition.  The old girl lit right up.
Any of you guys interested in wedging this into some kind of frame (I have a
1969 Triumph 250 rolling chassis if that will do).    Make a dandy bug


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