John Wilkins jswilks at
Sun Dec 2 11:48:28 PST 2007

That about sums it up, I'm afraid.

I'm thinking about a Harley Fat Bob now too.  

Perhaps I need medicated or psychoanalyzed or something.

Maybe when there are a few miles on the Duc I'll consider sharing her.  For
now, she is ALL MINE.

The dealer said to expect her in mid-December.  Hopefully we have a decent
winter and I can actually get some riding in.  San Francisco is prone to
some wet but not terribly cold winters.

I'll keep you posted.


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"Hi, my name is John Wilkins and I'm a Motorcycle Addict..."  Hey, we should
start Motorcycle Addicts Anonymous - MAN is a 12-step program that
encourages sharing and letting the other guys ride your new Tricolore

Congrats on that sweet machine!  I don't know if you remember but I had my
"Zukati", the '97 Suzuki TL1000S, pretty much a Monster ripoff.  An angry
brute of a wheelie monster, I called it the Evil Twin.  The SOUND it made
with those Micron cans was like an angry dragon!  Just awesome.

Ahem... Uh...  Hi, my name is Rob Schwartz and I'm a Motorcycle Addict...
Have you seen the new 848??!  ** drool **  I
still need to get a ride on a Speed TRiple...   Yarrgh!

Wanna' be my sponsor? ;-)


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Well, Christmas came early for me this year.

And what a Christmas it is turning out to be.

I've been resisting temptation for a few years now.

But, alas, I have succumbed.

I've got to make room in the garage for a new 2008 Ducati Monster S4R S
Tricolore 998.  Check it out at:

BUT BE WARNED for she is a powerful siren wrapped in Italian colors and she
WILL entice you!

I saw it at the MC show a couple of weeks ago and it was damn near love at
first sight.  I left the show, rode the GPz straight to the local Ducati
dealer and managed to get my name first on the list for the first one - due
into the shop in two weeks.  And so it was that I walked out with a grin and
a receipt!

I'm keeping the Geeper  and the DR,  but am really looking forward to riding
this new beauty.

Hopefully with my job scene more stable now and no more recalls to the sand
box, I'll be riding more and with any luck at all, seeing some of you guys
along the way.

I wish you all a great Holiday season.  Ride safe and ride often.  Keep good
thoughts for all of our comrades in harm's way.

John Wilkins

Walnut Creek, CA

'96 GPz 1100

'06 DR-Z400 Dual sport

And soon.

'08 Ducati Monster S4R S Tricolore

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