schnowz schnowz at
Wed Dec 5 16:43:48 PST 2007

  I gotta agree - all the shit on the road takes the fun out of it, but if I 
don't ride at all, I get cabin fever.
  It's a little more tricky now because it's often hard to tell whether it's 
the new white shit they put down (instead of sand/salt) or snow..
  Plus the bike seems to protests a little - it's taking 2 hits of the 
starter now. . It's always a crap shoot when you get out of work in the dark 
whether she's gonna go..It needs a tune up. I have an air leak somewhere 
that doesn't help
 Too fewkin cold to work on it though, so hopefully it'll make it to 


> As much as I like to ride, riding here in the winter sucks
> because of all the gravel on the roads.  I usually stay off
> the street and ride the dirt in the winter.  Because my fat
> ass needs the exercise, LOL!
> Charles S.

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