running like a piece of crap

Steve Northrop blackgpz at
Sat Dec 8 17:50:12 PST 2007

Pete, I've got a set of OEM wires (used) if you need them. Silicone sealer 
is OK to use for a temp fix, it'll just be a PIA to get off when you finally 
get around to replacing the gaskets. The KLEEN air system is a passive 
system so as long as the vacuum switch is not leaking, when it opens isn't 
really a big deal. My understanding is coolant circulates through the carbs 
on the Euro models to prevent icing. Let me know if you need the wires.

Going to the dealer show in Toronto tomorrow to give the new KLR650 the once 
over. If it passes inspection, we'll be making a deal for one shortly. A 
local dealer has them advertised for $4849 which is $500 off MSRP, but he 
doesn't have one on the floor to look at! Goose Bay here I come!

Steve in Western NY
'96 GPZ1100
'02 Daytona 955i
"You Can't Fix Stupid", Ron White

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>  Well being as the Geeper has been running like a piece of crap and was 
> getting harder and harder to start and the temp got up to the balmy 40's 
> today so I checked her out.
>   2 of the ignition wires were not reading on the meter. When I took the 
> cap off one was full of green crumbs and the copper strands at the end 
> were missing plus one cap seems to have the screw corroded away. I'm sure 
> it was conducting partially at the high voltage though, but just reducing 
> the juice getting to the plug.  But i think the main problem is, I had the 
> Steve Northrup oily plug disease from a leak in the valve cover/spark plug 
> figure 8 gaskets.
>  I don't have new gaskets so I'll do the valves tomorrow and use silicone 
> on the gasket. I know some of you advise against this but when I've used 
> it I have always used a small amount and never had a problem with it 
> getting in the engine.
> I also found the vacum switch valve (for the Kleen air system )to be 
> opening at 300 mm Hg instead of 430 but i don't think this should be an 
> issue. If anyone knows otherwise let me know.
> One more Question
>  What's the purpose of the coolant valve on the European models? I'm 
> thinking it must be to reduce carb icing - if it was just for cold weather 
> then i'd expect to see it on the US/Canuck models..
>   Pete Staniforth 

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