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Sun Dec 9 11:37:23 PST 2007

Pete Staniforth wrote:

One more Question
 What's the purpose of the coolant valve on the European models? I'm thinking it must be to reduce carb icing - 
if it was just for cold weather then i'd expect to see it on the US/Canuck models..


As 2 x Steve already said the purpose of the coolant valve is to prevent carb icing. I've seen this device on 
the German and the Dutch models but for some reason it is not on the Danish models. Maybe because the model we 
got was not assigned for the European market in the first place but imported from a left-over party at some 
other market. The Danish importers often do so in order to get an acceptable street price. Every dollar saved 
by the importer means about 4 dollars less by the dealer. The Suzuki I had before was a model assigned to the 
Japanese home marked only. It had a speedo that went to 180 km/h only and a red light that would come on above 
80 km/h. 'Fortunately' mine had been damaged by the previous owner so it had a European speedo that went to 240 
km/h and no red light.

'96 "Black Stealth" GPZ

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