GPZList Digest, Vol 13, Issue 7

schnowz schnowz at
Sun Dec 9 17:56:22 MST 2007

Thanks Steve -   Let me see how she runs when I get it back together. Didn't 
finish it today being as I had to get firewood among other chores. Temps 
dropped back to the 20's so i called it a day after I no longer had feeling 
in my fingers,- besides we're getting an ice storm tonight so there's no 
  I did get the valves shimmed though. I bought a new magnetic pickup from 
the discount store - it's smaller and much stronger than my old one, it's 
really great - no chance at all of the shim dropping off - it just sucks 
them right outta the collet..
  Thanks for the reminder on the Dry Gas Jim. I keep meaning to do it but it 
hasn't happened yet.. I got a frozen gas line
on the car a few years back - a big PIA.
  The bike was also acting like it had a vacum leak but i haven't found it 
yet  - spraying ether around the boots made no difference last time I tried 

   Pete  S

> Pete, I've got a set of OEM wires (used) if you need them. Silicone sealer
> is OK to use for a temp fix, it'll just be a PIA to get off when you 
> finally
> get around to replacing the gaskets. 

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