running like a piece of crap

The Masons masonjs at
Mon Dec 10 08:50:20 PST 2007

> local dealer has them advertised for $4849 which is $500 off MSRP, but he 
> doesn't have one on the floor to look at! Goose Bay here I come

That's an excellent price on the KLR.
There was a 2006 with 1200 km for $4400.00 in our auto trader in Halliburton 
I was going to call about but I was going moose & deer hunting .  I should 
have made arrangements to go and see it on my way home as Halliburton would 
have only been an hour out of my way on both return trips. Verses driving 5 
hours there and back from home. When I got back the ad was gone and I didn't 
write down the phone #.  Chances are he still has the bike as it snowed and 
bikes with unspiked tires don't sell well here in December.


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